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Efficiency through Competence

COATEC specializes in surface enhancement, focusing on metal and ceramic coating using thermal spraying techniques. From advisory services right through to production, we offer efficient solutions for demanding and durable surfaces.

The innovative COATEC surface coatings protect products by providing an extremely high and durable load-bearing level. New, worn, and defective components can be improved and optimized by the relevant COATEC coating solutions for the application concerned. This applies in particular to protection against: wear, corrosion, chemicals, heat, and electrical insulation.


APS  Atmospheric Plasma Spraying

With atmospheric plasma spraying, a constricted arc ... read more >

Low Pressure Plasma Spraying (LPPS)

Low pressure plasma spraying provides a significant increase... read more >

High Velocity Oxygen
Fuel (HVOF)

Since its implementation in the 1980s, High Velocity Oxygen Fuel... read more >

Diffusion coating

COATEC mainly applies aluminum diffusion coatings to protect... read more >

Heat Treatment in Vacuum Furnaces

Many materials must undergo heat treatment in order to achieve... read more >